What We Offer

We provide Assistance to:
Individuals who are struggling to make end meet and service providers meeting the needs of their clients.

How To Get Assistance

Call Us Today On:
6882 6755 to book an Appointment
A current Centrelink Income Statement is required.

We Provide Assistance Through

Food Parcels
Clothing & Footwear
Household Items
Medical Travel Assistance
EAPA Vouchers for Gas & Electricity
Telstra Bill Assistance
Referral to other services

Our Programs

Developing personal skills for home

A course designed specifically to assist parents in the area of home management skills. Self-Start assists parents in cooking healthy and meals for their family, budgeting, smart shopping and saving electricity. Self-Start is supported by our community and Family and Community Services.

SMART Recovery is a voluntary self-help group that assists people in their recovery from addictive behaviours. It teaches practical skills to help them deal with problems, enabling them to abstain from addiction and achieve a healthy lifestyle balance

Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World is for people who have spent most of their life dealing with the tyranny of the moment in their daily living.  The idea of actually getting ahead might seem out of reach but their story can change.  In this step-by-step self-discovery journey, their future hopes can be achieved.  It’s not about looking back, it’s about what comes next in building the life they want and relationships with people who will support them.


Hope Coaching

Life coaching is all about discovering what you want and then learning how to make it happen. It helps you to recognise the challenges that may be holding you back and learn ways to maintain motivation to achieve those personnel goals.

Our Projects

Our current project is in partnership with Joblink Plus and Work for the Dole participants making ‘Bush Bags” which are ecofriendly bags made from upcycled fabric. These were used in our shop instead of the recycles plastic bags as they are being phased out from supermarkets. Participants learn sewing skills using sewing machines and overlockers.